ICPF History  

Even in the pre independent India, Christians in different parts of India had been increasingly concerned about the decline in moral and spiritual values in the campuses.  Individual attempts were made in some parts of our land towards student evangelism.  But there were no consolidation and continuity of the efforts.  The first known student group of this kind probably was the one involving few medical students of Vellore in early 1948.  Even after independence these kinds of efforts continued to win the college students for Christ and improve their ethical, moral and spiritual standards by various Christian missions.

Slowly few student ministries came to the scene  and started  working in the college campuses of India. Whenever students were awakened there were revivals even outside campuses.  .

Born again, Bible believing and practising people of God, who had a vision and burden for college students had been whole-heartedly cooperating with the Christian missions working in campuses. Unfortunately there had been a gradual shift in the emphasis and many of these missions became mere socio-religious organisations.  The authority of the scriptures is replaced by authority of human reasoning, human convenience and social acceptability.  And   eventually they realized to their dismay and disillusionment that some of these outfits do not believe the entire Bible as the inspired, revealed, inerrant, infallible, all sufficient and self-authenticated Word of God.  The policy of some was not to discuss or teach vital doctrines enshrined in the Scriptures, like believer’s baptism (immersion water baptism) and baptism of the Holy Spirit.  They did not tolerate nor allow the whole content of God’s Holy Word to be taught to students. But the campus missions forbade those who tried to emulate the Apostles and teach the students the whole content of God’s Holy Word.  It grieved many.  They started meeting together at various places for prayer and interaction.  It was a time of spiritual awakening in the colleges.  Student groups, in which the whole content of God’s Word was taught, were also conducted regularly in different colleges in the state.  The groups conducted in SB College Changanassery and DB College Nilamel deserve special mention.