Initially ICPF had only a handful of prayer groups and a few committed voluntary workers.  But in answer to the tearful prayers, sacrificial giving and tireless toil of Godly women and men, God protected it and made the work grow and spread its wings to around 20 states of India now.  Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship is indigenous and independent in the fullest sense.  Lately ICPF has an international face with camps, retreats and other regular prayer/Bible study groups in 17 countries across the globe.

ICPF has around 100 field staffers along with many dedicated voluntary workers who put in quality time in this endeavour.  They together encounter thousands of students with the Gospel every week through personal visits and contacts and prayer/Bible study groups. Presently ICPF has several hundred campus units meeting regularly. Along with these campus units, hundreds of one/half day retreats and scores of three/four day camps are held to teach and train thousands of students annually.  Thus during the past two decades of its inception thousands of students could be contacted with the saving knowledge of God’s Grace and hundreds were rescued from the darkness of sin and brought to the marvellous light of His dear Son.

ICPF has also been a platform for transcended fellowship of churches and denominations where people of God come together bypassing minor differences, if any, and share the partnership of God’s ministry.


Angelos is the mobile wing of ICPF. Committed teams of talented young people are involved in this ministry. ICPF has two mobile units equipped with sophisticated public address systems and musical instruments. These vehicles are used for special student ministry assignments including social awareness programs and move across different Indian states. One vehicle is based in Kerala and mainly caters to the needs of southern India and the second one based in New Delhi caters to central and northern India . Angelos ministry reaches to a very wide range of audience through skits, mime, road shows, films and other audio-visual media. These programs aim to enhance awareness about social evils like addiction to tobacco, pan masala, street drugs and alcohol. Angelos ministry also focuses on issues like suicide and AIDS.