Crib and Cradle  

Since 1970, one such group used to meet regularly at the residence of Prof. Mathew P. Thomas who was teaching in Mar Thoma College, Thiruvalla at that time.  They conducted Full Gospel Students Camps every year since 1973, at Charalkunnu in Kerala under the respected leadership of Prof. Mathew P. Thomas. Every year college 250/300 college students, teachers and some other leaders assembled there for four days.

At a time when a Spirit led full Gospel student ministry was a historical necessity, in answer to the prayers of God’s children, God gave us Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship.  Accepting the fact that there are several Christian activities among students in the land and recognising that the magnitude of work demanded spirit filled proclamation of the whole content of God’s Word to the new generation, after much contemplation, careful consideration, detailed deliberations and seeking the direction of the Holy Spirit, the delegates of the 350 strong student conference of 1980, unanimously decided to form a ministry with full Gospel emphasis to work among college students with wider scope and perspective. And Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship came into existence. ICPF   is the full Gospel student ministry God raised to fulfil the task of winning students for Christ and training and equipping them to be disciples of Christ with character and effective witnesses in the campuses.