Arise My Child


Thu, 03/01/2018 - 12:22

Arise my Child! 

While she was still half asleep, 
the world whispered thus:

It's good to dream my child, 
but dream a lot not;
For you know not what lay ahead.

Wake up little child, cause you would need to fend for yourself. 
Fending and empowering comes through you, 
and you alone. 

Empower and excel, 
let your skills talk for your self;
No words have ever scaled heights, 
but strengths do.

But be sure;
because tomorrow may take you unawares. 
Optimism is great,
but only in the bubble!

Be careful my child,
to the wind’s directions;
Cause even if you fall, you must know where you are. 

Falling may not be bad after all, 
if the fall helps you stand up strong.
Soar in the bubble little girl, 
but have a half eye open.
For coming back is essential, 
to your stronghold. 

Loving truly, not giving up on yourself;
is not such a bad thing after all.
Loving someone is a privilege in itself.

Be not in rage when not loved back,
Be still content, you still have someone to love.

The dreamy girl woke up, no more as a little girl.

She woke up as a confident child, a child of God affirmed.
Affirmed by the verses, “You are beautiful”, “You are enough”, “You are God’s being”. 

God’s ways are different from the way of the world.
You are so much more. 
I am able to accept love and love my husband more;
because I recognize love from Christ.

Forgiveness, patience and forbearance are only formed from knowing God's love.
While the world defines love as getting the best, Christ proved otherwise on the cross.

Love is about giving,
I stand bewildered to see the love that was showered upon me.